Race Day Guidelines

Please follow the Guidelines below:

  • Parking space in the mall opens at 5 am. Parking is on A and B levels of the mall.
  • Parking will not be allowed after 7 am as the route will be closed for the run.
  • You can park outside the mall after 7 am
  • Please proceed to the registration desk located at the atrium (ground floor) once you reach the mall
  • All the participants to be assembled in the Atrium by 7 am on 1st September
  • Participants are requested to have a light snack at least 30 mins before the obstacle run
  • Participants are recommended to wear comfortable shorts and t-shirt with sports shoes
  • Warm up will be conducted in the mall, Ground floor where all the participants will be assembled and escorted to the start point of the obstacle run
  • Volunteers will be present throughout the Obstacle course to ensure safety of children
  • Parents can view the run from the designated waiting areas on C, D, E, F parking levels or wait in the Certificate Distribution Atrium on the Ground floor
  • After the finish line, all the participants will be given their medals and then escorted to the atrium by Vibha volunteers to collect their certificates
  • All the participants will receive a medal and certificate
  • Breakfast will be provided to all participants near the atrium on the ground floor
  • Every child must be picked up by the parent / guardian who will need to sign and enter their phone number in a sign out sheet placed at the certificate desk
  • Help us go green. Carry your own water bottles to use before or after the run
  • During the run we will have water stations for the participants.
  • All the cars in the mall parking can leave post the run (9 am) as the exit will be blocked for the obstacle course
  • Request you to help keep the mall clean and damage free

Contact our volunteers Sneha – 8884909981 or Divya – 9740012935 for any assistance.


  • Unique obstacle course designed by professionals
  • Obstacles are age appropriate
  • Medals for all Participants!
  • Free Breakfast & Free Event Photographs for all participants

Donation Meter

% Achieved (₹)


Rs.5500 Supports education of 5 kids
Rs. 11,000 Supports education of 10 kids
Rs. 16,500 Supports education of 15 kids
Rs. 22,000 Supports education of 20 kids
Rs. 33,000 Supports education of 30 kids
Rs. 66,000 Supports education of 60 kids